Prototyping on Steroids Browser Prototyping. Just add Water

Design. Code. Preview. Repeat

YOU the designer wants to rule the world.
Waste no time in getting your frontend workflow ready to roll.
Save time and spend it with your honey instead. Profit.

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Browser Prototyping with Live Reload and Grunt from Vaibhav Kanwal on Vimeo.

Features | What's so special?

How is this different?

No need to learn, unlearn new frameworks or tools. This fits right into your existing setup.

Start prototyping in your browser with Live Reload for all your files - HTML/CSS/JS/Images. Just clone this repo and start working.

This just lets you do your stuff and get everything out of the way. This is like lemonade on a sunny summer afternoon. You'll fall in love.

Why reinvent the wheel?

I don't like learning frameworks or boilerplates, this one instead allows me to brew up code in the browser, check simultaneously on difference devices without worrying about Sass, Live-Reload, CodeKit, Yeoman, Grunt etc yada yada

Has all it needs. Extend the way you please.

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Made by @VaibhavKanwal as boilerplate for new projects & fun prototypes.